Send a Message

Let’s walk through how to send a message.


We must create the files index.html and main.js in the same folder. In the index.html file we can include the SIP.js library, as well as the main.js file. We are assuming SIP.js is imported as a node module for this demo.

A <button> element is included to determine when to send the message.

Creating the User Agent

In order to send messages, create a SIP user agent. Calling SIP.UA() method, with no parameters, creates an anonymous user agent.

Sending the Message

After the user agent has been created we can send the message.

To send the message, call the .message(target, body) method, along with the address that the message is being sent to in the target argument and the message that we are sending in the body argument.

Add a click event to the <button> element, that calls the message() method.